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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel it. >> developing news a marine accused of killing two of his colleagues at quantico military base was from the bay area as with a one of his victims. >> good evening, i'm ken wayne. >> i'm heather holmes. we learned tonight that a young marine from oakley was among the two people killed that the virginia base. ktvu's christien kafton just spoke to the friend of the
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victim and join us from liberty high school in brentwood where she was a recent graduate. >> reporter: sarah cast castro-mata graduated and says her death was a tragedy for the entire school. we talked to a friend of her's that told us that castro-mata dream of joining the marine corps and serving her country. sergeant eusebrio lopez shot them both and turned the gun on himself. she is still in shock and she stelus that she learned about the shooting on-line and says there is talk that the shooting may have been the result of a love triangle. >> he was a lovely person. she would always have a smile on her face. she never had no one that didn't like her. and i just miss her so much, like when i found out about,
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this i couldn't believe it. >> reporter: obviously still devastating for many members of community, castro-mata was a desk clerk at marine base many quantico, virginia and there is no word on when her family will be holding service. christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. the san francisco entertainment commission has shut down a nightclub near at&t park after a shooting rampage left three people wound. alex savidge tells us that the shooting sent patrons diving for cover. >> reporter: the gunfire broke out this morning at a nightclub in san francisco's south of market. >> everybody was down everyone were screaming and people running in and out and blood on the floor and in the club, broken glasses. people falling and getting stepped on. >> reporter: witnesses say it started with an argument inside the 330 rich club, when one man pulled a gun
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and fired. brittany williams ran outside behind a car to avoid being shot. >> there was a girl behind me asking me what to do and hi no idea, just stay behind this car. >> reporter: three men were shot, all from the east bay. and police expect those victims to survive. after the initial gunfire inside the nightclub, this dispute spilled out into the street, where more shut shotses were fired and what police described to mes a rolling gunbattle continueded to this parking lot a block away. this suv appeared to have its windows blown out. >> i stayed down, because i didn't know how close it was. i didn't know where it was. >> reporter: it's unclear if the people who were shot were the intended targets or simple innocent bystanders. >> i could not say at all if
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there was specific motive that was planned or spontaneous violence. >> & either way police know with a packed club more people could have been hit. alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. police in san leandro are searching for a gunman who shot a man coming to the aid of his mother-in-law during an attack near regatta way. a woman was unloading her car when she was approached by one ever two suspects who tried to rob her. police say the woman's son-in-law came out to help and he was shot. >> baby strollers, dogs, just a place you want to live in. >> reporter: surprised to hear they? >> very surprised and i'm sad for the family. >> reporter: the 33-year-old victim lived in alameda.
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his name has not yet been released. this san leandro's first homicide of the year. a san josi man wanting in the stack death of his ex- girlfriend may be on the run to mexico. juan ram raze stabbed cruzes-gonsalez near downtown san josi. the suspect managed to evade a door-to-door search. investigators say ramirez may be driving a dark green 196 toyota t-100 pickup similar to this one. san francisco firefighters say an early morning fire at a downtown restaurant may have been deliberately set. crews got to the 7 pleasures california grill on commercial street at 2:15 this morning. thick smoke rose into the buildings above and investigators
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are trying to determine if it was linked to vandalism. police in fairfield say a child drowned in that i backyard pool today. emergency-responders rushed to a home on howell court this morning. police say residents there found a 7-year-old boy floating in the pool. paramedics were not able to revive the child. police say the case is under investigation, but appears to be a tragic accident. drivers were back on the track tonight a week after two people were killed at a marysville raceway north of sacramento. before the race started this evening, there ways moment of silence paying tribute to 14- year-old marcus johnson from santa rosa and 60-year-old dale wondergem, 68-year-old dale wondergem. last saturday the two were killed when a driver lost control and crashed into the pit area. some say it's too soon to have a competition, but others say it's what the fans and drivers
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wanted. continuing coverage now of march madness and the ncaa tournament is now over for cal. we were at kip's bar in berkeley where some fans who didn't make the trip to san josi gathered to watch their team take on syracuse and cheer them on, but unfortunately it wasn't the result that they were hoping for as the bears saw their championship run end tonight. ktvu's debora villalon is live at hp pavilion where that game just wrapped up a short time ago. such disappoint. >> reporter: yes, heather with the win fans might still be here, but they cleared out fast reflecting on what might have been. >> hey syracuse, good luck success, you guys will run into someone called oregon soon. >> reporter: cal fans did not beat the odds tonight. the exuberance and experience of the orange rewarded. >> i bought tickets to d.c. >> reporter: you were overconfident? >> i am just the right amount of confident. [ laughter ] >> wallace
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for three, yes! >> the bears will be prowling the nation's capitol despite a deafening hometown crowd in san josi which even included oregon fans, usually the enemy. >> i guess you could describe it as the lesser of two evils. >> duck and bears were urged to wear common colors and show unity for the pac-12 conference. >> we heard about the big push to support oregon and also support cal wearing gold for both. >> reporter: only the ducks advanced. >> i just graduated raft year and we weren't in the tournament my four years there. so it's fun. >> reporter: it this was the happy dance that cal fans wanted, too. instead they trudged out jilted. >> mike montgomery has taken the program and brought us tot ncaa four of the past five years. >> reporter: these band members see cal hoops entering a new era. >> a whole bunch of students are coming out right now. >> reporter: they hope even with tonight's loss that they win new fans. >> it's snag i would love to
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see in the entire bay area get around cal. >> we had a good season. they had some good wins during the season. so we can be proud and there is always next year. >> reporter: it's been 16 long years since cal went to the sweet 16, that is 16 years and counting. reporting live in san josi, debora villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. certainly was a good run. thank you, deb. our coverage continues in 40 minutes. joe fonzi has highlights from tonight's cal-syracuse game all coming up later in sportswrap. legendary body building joe weider has died. weider helped to make body building poplar and inspires a young arnold schwarzenegger. he is also in the california hall of fame. schwarzenegger tweeted the niz news of weider death. weeder died from heart failure. he was 93-year-old.
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>> happening now, the world is celebrating earth hour. thousands of cities and towns turned out the lights for one hour, all to raise awareness of climate change. this video from moscow, participating for the first time this year in earth hour. by turn off the lights at kremlin and other landmarks. the world wildlife fund started earth hour back in 2007. light were turned out tonight in london, landmarks, such as the houses of parliament, buck ham palace and the tower of london all went dark and in the bay area the bay bridge was one of the local landmarks participating. the new bay bridge lights show was turned off just before 9:00. a major development in the push to keep the kings from leaving sacramento. the preliminary deal struck today by the city and a group of investors. the ayes are 50, the nays are 49. >> the senate passed a budget today in washington, why there is little hope it hello?
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. we have new developments in the fight to keep the sacramento kings from leaving. sacramento mayor kevin johnson today tweeted that a preliminary deal had been reached to keep the team from moving to seattle. reporter tom duhain is live from sacramento with more on the plan to keep the kings in california. >> reporter: that is right the city manager
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came here to sacramento city hall to brief reporters on the newly arranged deal. he said it was a milestone reached after a lot of hard work and it will be part of what they hope is a strong package to be presented to the nba owners next month. the city manager said for sacramento the arena deal is about more than basketball. >> i am happy to be able to announce that we have reached an agreement. >> reporter: the city manager says he is very pleased that the team investors would develop, operate and maintain an 18500-seat sports and entertain complex in the downtown plaza. a complex that the city would own. he said it's about jobs and economic development. >> that is part of revitalizing our downtown. that is part of completing the rest of k street. that is part of adding additional businesses to old sacramento, the hearst of our city. >> reporter: the total cost of the arena
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project $447 million. the city's contribution, $258 million. the city would issue bonds supported by city parking revenues. and the investor group of burkle-mastrov-ranadivi will cover any cost overruns and share arena profit with city. >> i couldn't be more excited. i feel very, very good about this particular partnership that we have. it is strong. >> it's about more people coming downtown, seeing downtown, spending their dollars for meals, for socializing, for entertainment instead of spending those dollars some else. >> reporter: the city counsel will probably taking a vote on tuesday night and it's up to the nba and the owners of the sacramento kings and hopefully the nba will like the presentation by the sacramento group and influence the maloofs, the owners of the king to sell to the sacramento
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group rather than the seattle bidders who already have a deal in place. in sacramento, i'm tom duhain, back to you. thank you, tom. more details the kings have been in sacramento since 1985 after monthing from kansas city. the maloof family became majority owners in 1999. a vote is expected at the nba's board of governor meeting april 18th and 1th. people in phoenix, arizona made their voice heard on the issue of same-sex marriage. >> what do we want? >> equality. >> when do we want it? >> no. >> hundreds marched this afternoon for marriage equality. organizers say phoenix has one of the largest lgbt communities in the country and wanted to stand in solidarity with other communities across the country. the march comes as the u.s. supreme court prepares to hear arguments in two same-sex cases on tuesday. some people are hoping to witness those historic legal cases. one case involves a berkeley couple fighting against california's proposition 8, the state ban on same-sex marriage
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and other is a challenge to the federal law known as the defense of marriage act. state with ktvu channel 2 for continuing coverage. our only david stevenson will be there live in the nation's capitol for tuesday's oral arguments and will have live reports throughout the day. and join us for a ktvu news special report at 6:30 when we go in-depth on the prop 8 case. we'll break down the arguments, and gage reaction from washington, d.c. to right here in the bay area. in continuing coverage it's a tale of two budgets in washington. >> the ayes are 50, the nays are 49. >> early today the senate passed a $3.7 trillion budget almost completely along party lines. it raises taxes for the wealthiest americans and cuts spending by $875 billion. but it is so different from the drastic cuts recently passed by the house, that few if any expect the budgets to be
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reconciled and instead congress is expecting another fiscal battle in july when president obama will likely ask for increased borrowing power. president obama has returned to washington tonight after his trip to the middle east. the president took a break from diplomacy for the final leg of the trip touring the ancient city ever petra in jordan of the petra was built more than 2,000 years ago, carved out of stone between massive delivers. mr. obama called the scene royry spectacular." >> activists in san francisco gave training on how to protest against the keystone xl pipeline during president obama's upcoming visit. a few dozen gathered at federal building to take part in the training and if approved bit obama administration that pipeline could carry oil from alberta, to refineries on west coast. >> the struggle over california's mental health care of prisoners returns to court next week. a federal judge will consider w
11:50 pm
whetherbillions of dollars have improved the system enough. advocates for the prisoners say their basic rights have still being violated including a suicide rate that is getting worse of case resumes wednesday in sacramento with a ruling anticipated next month. sheriff's deputies in santa clara county took more than 600 guns off the streets, including some assault weapon. she sponsored a gun buyback at reid shillview airport collecting 584 handguns and 17 assault rifles. citizens turning in their guns received cash for a total payout of about $62,000. today's buyback, the second this month was tied to east san josi's unity day which encourages youth to turn in guns and gang-related item. oakland's police chief told residents that the department's recent crackdown on crime is working. ktvu's jade hernandez tells that the tactics that the chief credit for the crime reduction.
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>> reporter: inside this church, oakland mayor quan addressed people in an open forum about crime this morning. lo police chief howard jordan says his department has already seen a shift in east oakland shootings dropped nearly 30%, homicide by 42% and he pointed to the arrests, three weeks ago, with help of federal agents of at least 16 people and more than 20 search warrants targeting the east oakland case gang and to maintain this newfound peace on the streets, 38 new police officers from yesterday's first academy graduation in four years. another vital tool the community and its clergy. >> the one strength we have is that they understand what it takes to police the city. >> what is really important is that law enforcement is not standing alone. >> revenue doctorcummings is collaborative with the department for nearly a year and coalition referred to as oakland community organizations. yesterday he and the chief held
11:52 pm
a second meeting. members say photos of some of those who attended the chief' first meeting and refused services to get off the street. >> stop the violence, stop shooting people because this is what is going to happen to you if you don't. >> violence is too much. it is has got to stop and if you don't song, law enforcement will be able to do what they need do in order to take you into custody. >> reporter: and the chief says the forum held today allows neighbors to meet the officers assigned to their neighborhoods. in oakland, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. scenes from the past hadding to the bay area. the local university that will get a living piece of history. pope francis and
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. here we are the first few days spring and it looks more like the dead of winter in colorado. today's snowstorm was so severe that driver were forced to leave their vehicle stuck in the snow along interstate 25 and, in fact, the red cross responded to assist those stranded motorists. officials shut down several highways because of dozens of accidents and the whiteout conditions and more snow is expected there in colorado. denver police meanwhile say a former colorado inmate has been linked to the murder of the state prisons chief. tom clements was shot to danger at his home on tuesday. investigators now believe that 28-year-old evan ebel is connected to the shooting of the ebel was killed thursday after a high-speed chase in north texas which ended with a
11:56 pm
shootout by police. police say shell casings found in his car match those found at police chief's home and matches the description of the one spotted out of clement's house the night he was killed. in news of the world, british authorities are investigating the possibility suicide of a russian mogul. boris berezovsky died under mysterious circumstances at his home in england. berezovsky made a fortune in the break up of the soviet union and was an outspoken critic of president putin. a family announced his death today on facebook. he was 67 years old. cyprus is fighting off bankruptcy, but late today liters were neglecting to decide how to raise more than $billion to secure a bailout. among the ideas, a tax on deposits oven $100 euros at country's largest bank. cyprus has until monday to
11:57 pm
raise the funds. syrian rebels have captured a strategic air defense base. the video posted to social media shows the rebel gleefully entering the basis and taking caches of guns. control of the base gives rebel forces better access to sub supply route. meanwhile the wall street journal reports that the cia is feeding information to selective offensive forces to make them, nor effective against government troop. phy for the first time in century a sit pope met with his predecessor. pope etmeritis benedict greeted newly installed pope francis outside of rome. benedict, who is 85 has been living at papal summer palace since retiring last moment the two prayed together and had a private meeting and lunch. the vatican says benedict gave pope francis a pleg of obedience. observers say it was meant to show there is no power struggle in the catholic church. samplings from a tree that gave hope to anne frank will be
11:58 pm
planted in the u.s. including in the bay area. anne frank often wrote in her diary about the chestnut tree outside the house had he hid from the nazis in world war t. sprouts were sent to 11 locations including sonoma state university. the young trees will be planted in ceremonies next month. preparing for the worst.
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. old hill residents got quite a wake-up call this morning. around 3:30 a.m. that huge tree fell on a home. the 75' tall evergreen hit a corner of the roof and also block traffic for a time. no word on what caused the tree to fall. no one was hurt. search-and-rescue teams along with specially trains dogs hit the hills of contra costa county searching for survives. as cara liu reports it was just a drill, but very realistic. >> reporter: on a hillside near mount diablo , pretend victims helped to train veterans. the scenario a small plane crash. >> you need a basket transfer. >> reporter: about 40 volunteer and 18 dogs took part. the exercise was put on by the california search-and-rescue dog association. >> the dog handlers, their
12:02 am
crews would come out and locate the casualties and provide treatment and evacuation. >> reporter: organizers say one of the reason is to make the experience more realistic for both searchers and dogs. >> the researchers don't see this type of thing a lot, thankfully and when the real thing does happen they are better prepared for it. >> reporter: handler karen atkinson had an air scent dog look for victims hidden in trees. >> it just keeps them sharp, and they love to work. >> atta girl, nice job! what do you got there, girl? somebody hurt? >> organizers say trainings like this make searchers more effective. >> so you have the most competent teams searching for your children if they were lost. >> reporter: in walnut creek, kara lew, ktvu channel 2 news from a hayward man was killed in a head-on crash that shut down highway in sunol.
12:03 am
a pickup truck collided with the dodge vipir at 9:15. the alameda county corner has identified the victim as 46- year-old todd shur. the chp could not tell us which vehicle he was in. an accident again a scooter and santa clara county sheriff patrol car left two people with minor injuries. this accident happened around 12:30 at intersection of wet hemming street and alameda. the deputy we're told was not hurt and investigators are trying to determine if one of the drivers ran a red light. oakland police are searching for a hit-and-run driver who fatally struck an emeryville man. it happened in the 5300 block of foothill boulevard. the victim was pronounced dead at the scene. the long awaited devil slide tunnels in san mateo county scheduled to open to traffic on monday. the tunnels are named after the late congressman tomlantos, who
12:04 am
fought to support the funnels. the old highway will be closed and converted to a public hiking and biking park. the paid piper bar at san francisco's palace hotel is now would you its namesake artwork. 16' painting was taken down yesterday and will be sold at auction in may. maxfield parrish painted i back in 1909 for the hotel. it's estimated to be worth $3-5 million. hundreds gathered to celebrate our own rita williamed at her retirement party. rita retired at the end of last month after 35 years with ktvu. family, friend and former colleagues were there and included another ktvu retirei dennis richmond. >> did you ever expect to see
12:05 am
this many people out here? >> are you kidding me? absolutely not. >> i did. >> i am overwhelmed, i am humbled and i am teary eyed that this many people thought i did a good job, i guess. i hope. >> it's a nice party included dinner, dancing and auction to benefit the friends of faith breast cancer charity. >> good for rita. plebay area cities rank among the healthiest in california for a fourth consecutive year marin county no. 1 the survey rated counties based on a number of categories, such as lowest adult obesity and highest access to recreational facilities. well, it's the count down to a four-year tradition and we were were participants as they prepared to hit the roads tomorrow. >> we take a live picture of
12:06 am
the bay bridge and ktvu mercantile exchange rosemary
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nasa says this bright streak of element seen across east coast skies last night appears to be a meteor. a the flash was seen from florida to new england with more than 350 people reporting it to the american meteor society. >> rosemary orozco telling us that we'll have a little bit of a change in the nice weather. >> right, but that is a couple of days out. we have sunday to enjoy and
12:09 am
we'll see a near repeat of what we saw today. that means a cool start tomorrow morning, high clouds in forecast and a nice rebound in the temperatures. we have 49 in santa rosa. mid-40s novato around the bay area 53 in oakland, 52 redwood city and 50 degrees in walnut creek. mostly clear skies. chilly conditions expected through the late-night/early morning hours. tomorrow a subtle warm-up in store especially for the inland areas. noticeable changes on way. the high clouds that continue to pass through ridge of high pressure off the coastline here and so around that ridge we're seeing those clouds just kind of slide through. that is what we will see again for sunday. the ridge is actually going to move in just a little bit and eventually it will weaken and move to the east that. will open the door for the rain, but for now, we're look
12:10 am
at dry conditions and temperatures feeling pretty good for your sunday. if i back it out about a thousand miles this is the still that will help to break down that ridge. the first system will not bring us rain, but eventually we may get the opportunity for a few scattered showers. we have nice weather tomorrow. we're picking it up here, this evening, so into tomorrow afternoon, the high clouds will continue. temperatures well into the 60s, perhaps a few low 70s expected for the afternoon, but the rain and stormtrack still to the north. the onshore breeze is going to come back, so a subtle cooldown expected for monday. by tuesday we'll notice a more notable change and we even have a little bit of moisture over north california. by tuesday night into wednesday perhaps a few scattered showers coming our way and it will open the door to unsettled weather for the second half of the
12:11 am
week. awe get out the door tomorrow morning, if you do have early morning plans 37 in santa rosa, 38 for napa, low 40s for fremont, san josi, along the peninsula, 44 san mateo. 46 in san francisco as we start the morning. here is a look at afternoon highs. another beautiful day around the bay area for your sunday. 64 san francisco and 68 for fremont, 72 degrees in gilroy. santa cruz 68 degrees. your extended forecast, temperatures cool down. it will be a subtle change in the beginning, but tuesday into wednesday, a more notable cooldown and the possibility of showers wednesday and thursday. the models are are in a little bit of disagreement, but easter sunday looks a little soggy at this point. >> thank you, rosemary. >> you are welcome. >> ken you don't have any family in new jersey, do you? >> yes i do, as a matter of target. >> you might want to call them
12:12 am
because somebody in new jersey is a multimillionaire. tonight's drawing was for $320 million. the lump sum cash option $198 million. powerball is currently played in 42 states, washington, d.c. and the u.s. virgin islands. coming up april 8th the powerball lottery comes to california. >> the in-laws,o, uncle vito. first there was a little time for shopping and the oakland marriott downtown was buzzing with activity. runners picked up their race packets and spent the time checking out garfor sale. the annual event starts at 7:30 tomorrow morning and includes a marathon, half marathon, 5k and kid's fun run. for all the details go to and click on "the hot topics" tab. coming up, both the cal men
12:13 am
and women's basketball teams placed ncaa tournament games today and as you know, one team won, and one lost. >> [ man ] i got this citi thankyou card and started
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[ laughter ] [ male announcer ] earn points with the citi thankyou card and redeem them for just about anything. visit to apply. . good evening everyone and welcome to this saturday night edition of sportswrap. not too much madness left many march for the bay area men's basketball teams with the exception of santa clara in the cbi. in san josi mike montgomery and jim boeheim representing a record 1650 wins combined. allen crabbe made it 11-7, but
12:16 am
that is all the scoring crabbe and cobb could manage in the first half. syracuse keep it alive and bears managed to stay within 8 the first half. cal within 8 with less than 6 minutes left of the cobbs got the bears within 6, but it was too little, too late. michael carter williams with the dish and the orange put this one away. cal goes down 66-60. marquette was 2 points better than butler. mike montgomery left to lament how his team didn't really rise to the level of this game. >> we didn't have a lot of people that were playing above their ability. we didn't have a whole bunch of people that rose to the occasion; that this was a big
12:17 am
game, and i'm going to play better than i have. so that -- you are not going to win games like that, unless you have some people be able to do that. >> the biggest game today that was bust up all the brackets is the western regional game that took place in salt lake city. wichita state shocking gonzaga. baker with 36 his 16 points and gonzaga close to within 5 at the half and took the lead with this 3 by hart. gonzaga built the lead to 8 before the shockers rallied back. it's all net and wichita state extends the lead to 5 with a minute and a half left. shockers shock no. 1, 76-70 and move into the
12:18 am
final round of 1. pac-12 dignity upheld by arizona, that had one of the cinderella teams , harvard. lyons led arizona and the wildcats roll 74-51. they move on either against iowa state or ohio state. >> there were five pac-12 team when the tournament started and oregon joins arizona's the only final two left. duck's head coach agentman, conference coach of the year. arsalan kazemi finds dotson for 2, dotson with a career-high 23. 74-57 the final. oregon moves into the round of 16 to meet no. 1-seed in the region, louisville. in today's other games louisville got there by routing colorado state. michigan state moveses on after a big second half and win over
12:19 am
memphis a team that eliminated st. mary's. the wolverines meet the winner of kansas-north carolina. the cal bears the first of the bay area's two women's teams to get started in tournament action. here is some pressure. the president picked the bears to win their region in the women's bracket earlier this week. cal with a no. 2-seed for the first time in school history. first-round opponent was fresno state in lubbock, texas. the bares oust rebounded the bulldogs, 52-28. no sequence better demonstrate that this one. five bears in double figures with boyd leading the way. cal wins 90-76 and now meets south florida in the second round on monday. defending nite champion
12:20 am
stanford in hostile territory. powell with 1 of 6 from the floor. sanford shot 25% in the first half. cardinals down 8 at the half and three by bright. that got them within 5, but he was only 2 of 9 on the day. the tide closed the game and nobody picked up jacobs under the hoop. alabama wins 66-64, ending stanford's season at 19-15. the warriors home tonight for the first of five in a row at the coliseum rein. coliseum arena. andrew bogut just at the right time and washington the opponent fresh off a win over the lakers. watch the snappy ball moment. curry-bogut-lee. curry finding a new recipient
12:21 am
for his passes, hooking up with bogut on a lob. here is what they will be talking about after this one, curry and wizard martin get tangled up. curry twist his ankle and yes, it's the right ankle, the one that has been surgically- repaired. the extent of his injury not immediately known.. still to come on this
12:22 am
12:23 am
12:24 am
. san josi sharks began the
12:25 am
day barely clinging to theleth and final playoff spot in the nhl's western conference. scoring was the problem today in minnesota. even in the penalty situation, san josi came up empty, dejardin turned back by niklas backstrom. koivu to parise tonight goal. 2-0, minnesota the final, sharks now a point behind the stars, who are winners tonight for that no. 8. so for the players baseball exhibition season has truly reached the dog-days of it's time to start playing for real. don't tell that this to this guy. lincecum allowed five runs in three plus innings of work. the a's had the long ball going
12:26 am
for multiple sources. sogard up and that one is gone. sogard has been red-hot this spring. a's rough up 7 giant pitchers in a 12-5 win, brandon belt with his 7th holder for the giant. san josi earthquakes off it a good start in the malice aforethought season. chris wondolowski and the quakes hosting seattle, a team they swept three times last year. the wondolowski into the net and san josi hangs on 1-0, the quakes 2-1-1 in the young season. the golf season at arnold palmer's tournament and arnold palmer's course. the guy who got hot is the guy who is trying to win this event
12:27 am
for the 8th time, tiger woods with his approach on no. 10. and that will work on the way to a 66. yesterday woods bogeyed his final three hole and today had he this putt for eagle at 16. he then parred 17 and 18. woods two strokes in front of rose. he will return to no. 1 in the world for the first time in two and a half years. you got a look there why golfing in florida is an adventure. it was not a good weekend for northern california high schools against their southern california counter parts in the basketball championships. mitty against mater dei. brown to the hoop for 2. mater dei was able to win by 5, 50- 45. only northern california winner
12:28 am
was the bishop ododd girls. the girl's st. francis held to 26 point as lynnwood won its fourth title title. in division iv, cardinal newman we want to havoc hill. hill. and raiders pro bowl punter shane lechler has signed on with the houston texans. that will do it for this saturday night edition of sportswrap. >> it was a tall order, but what a season for cal. >> they got into the tournament and won one game and not the worst season in the world. >> thank you joe. we have some breaking news to tell you about. it's happening in oakland, where we have just confirmed a fatal crash near peralta and 28th street. we have a crew on the way and bring you much more on morning on 2. >> we'll have more on the two
12:29 am
marines from the bay area involved in that shooting earlier this week at quantico marine base in virginia. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. >> thanks for joining us. good night everyone and we'll see you back here tomorrow.

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